When to Shave Your Balls

Since the dawn of time men everywhere have been enamoured by the appearance of their junk. It’s important to know when it’s time to shave your balls and when it’s ok to let it all grow wild. We all like to see our nuts look their best. And we all know they look the absolute best when they’re both as smooth as a pool ball. Let’s go through the different instances where it’s integral that you bust out your clippers and trim down.

Why is it important to shave your balls?

Let us ask you this: what texture do you prefer? Smooth and clean? Or rough and unkept? When you’re about to go down on a beautiful woman, do you appreciate a face full of hair and pubes between your teeth? Of course not, this is 2018, who the fuck has pubes anymore. Did you know that our generation has all but eradicated crabs? So why the hell shouldn’t you shave your holiest of holies? The importance of shaving your balls all comes down to presentability. As much as you take pride in the way you dress and the way you look, you should take pride in the way you take care fo your balls.

When you expect a blowjob

How your balls are kept should be your number one priority when you’re expecting a lady to get up close and personal with your crankshaft. Imagine for a moment that you enjoy sucking dick (as I’m sure some of you do). Would you really wanna slide your lips along something thick and covered with hair? Of course not. The inside of your mouth would appreciate how smooth it was, and how easily you can run your tongue along the side. It might be graphic, but you know it’s true. You have to show some consideration for the person that’s doing you this extraordinary favour. Don’t be a fucking asshole, be kind to your lady and shave your ballsack before you let her go down on you.

When you go to the beach

The last thing you want when you go to the beach is to have your pubes peeking out of the end of our swim trunks. Really, most aspects of keeping your balls smooth and presentable are for the sake of the people around you. A hairy package is unsightly and just plain rude. You want to put your best foot (or nut) forward when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your cock and balls. There’s no room for compromise when it comes to the beauty of your sack. For some reason, it’ll always be worse when a stranger sees what a disgusting situation you have going on down there. You won’t be able to even explain yourself. You’ll just be known as sasquatch nuts for the rest of your life. Every time they remember the crude horror of your ballhair sneaking out the side of your swim shorts, they’ll gag. Have some self-respect and remember to always shave your balls when the situation calls for it.

You just wanna look good

It’s no crime to want to look your best. You never know when you might luck into a delicious situation where that big ol’ dick of yours might make an appearance. Sometimes you just want to do something for yourself. You don’t need a reason to want to look good naked. And having that 1977′ porn star bush won’t be doing you any favours in the boudoir. It’s 2018 people, a wild untamed bush just isn’t in style anymore. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a stone cold beauty of a woman, if you wanna look like a babe, you gotta go completely smooth.

A smooth nut sack is a happy nut sack. In this day and age, it’s entirely unseemly to have even an ounce of hair down there. So if you wanna stay competitive on the sexual market, take that blade and trim those puppies down. you’ll thank us later.

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