How to Check If Your Ex Girlfriend Is Pregnant

Finding out ex-girlfriend is pregnant.

When a relationship fails between a guy and his girlfriend, everything is generally complicated. If it’s a longer relationship, you have to sort out and return possessions, inform your friends, deal with social media and go back to the gym to lose relationship fat. If it’s a short-term fling, you just cut rope and live Read More

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Why Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) Suck

A social justice warrior holding up a sign.

The term Social Justice Warriors (SJWs for short) has become prevalent on the internet in the past few years. People taking to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and others use these platforms to vehemently advocate for social justice. Just what this term means in western society, however, is not well-defined; and often includes LGBTQ rights, racial issues, Read More

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How to Get Drunk

Man explaining how to get drunk by drinking beer.

How to get drunk. You probably never thought you’d actually have to ask yourself that question. Those nights always come, though — the ones where no matter many many shots you throw down your throat, you just can’t seem to catch a buzz. Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In the event that this describes Read More

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