How to Make Friends at College

Girl learning how to make friends at college.

Once you get to college, for all intents and purposes, you’re an adult. And when you’re an adult, it’s hard to make friends. Have you ever looked at the way adults interact with each other? They don’t really seem to like one another. So the question is: how are you supposed to make friends at Read More

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Dancing at a Rave: How Not to Look like an Idiot

People dancing at a rave.

Dancing at a rave is a delicate activity. You’re in this hot, sweaty environment where everyone is off their skulls on booze and drugs. And what do you do when you’re off your skull? Above all, you try to bang each other stupid. The last thing you want is to look like a total asshole Read More

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How to Get High at Home

A guide for getting high at home.

We’ve all been young, stuck in our parent’s houses and really into getting high. Do you remember how difficult it was to just kick back, relax, and smoke some god damn weed? Well, we do. Now that we’re all grown up, we can get high in our own homes whenever we want right? WRONG. For Read More

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Drunk in a Plane: a Definitive Guide

A passenger is drunk in a plane.

Let’s be honest, there’s no reason to fly sober ever. Period. But for those who aren’t careful, it’s gonna be a rough time. Planes are fucked up, specifically airports. If they’re not asking you to empty out your water bottles and throw away your toenail clippers, they’re probably shoving a couple of fingers up your Read More

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How to Behave at a Business Lunch

Business man acts properly at a business lunch.

We all want to look professional in the eyes of our corporate superiors — that’s the dream. But it’s hard to save face sometimes, especially when it comes to functions that exist outside the office. So, how are you supposed to act when say, a boss invites you out for a business lunch? Your immediate Read More

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Who Should Pay for Dinner

Man pays the dinner bill.

Finally, an answer to a question as old as time itself: who the fuck should pay for dinner? Well, it’s not as simple as you might think. Who should pay for dinner is heavily dependent on whatever situation you happen to be in. Really, it comes down to how you want to present yourself and Read More

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