Am I an Instagram Slut?

Instagram slut posing for picture.

It is perfectly reasonable to ask yourself if you’re an Instagram slut. Most people that use the platform are content uploading occasional holiday shots and the odd selfie. Through strenuous research and development, we’ve created the last word in diagnostic tools: The Chalkdown’s Patented Instagram Sluttiness Index ™ (SLI™). Read on to see where you Read More

The Glastonbury Festival Knowledge Guide

The Glastonbury Festival lights.

What the Jeeves is Glastonbury? Most days, Glastonbury is a quintessentially British town, located in the South-West of England. A picture-perfect place, complete with cobbled streets, cheery-faced locals, and Sunday-Roast pubs. Essentially, it’s The Shire. Surrounding this lovely town is the Great British countryside, flanked by sporadic forests, and farms. One in particular, Worthy Farm, Read More

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Bumble: Things Dudes Don’t Understand

Girl texting guy on Bumble online dating app.

What’s all the buzz about bumble? I don’t understand bumble. Dating apps have increased in popularity, to the point that half of my friend’s relationships started online. Bumble set out to become Tinder’s older, more refined sibling, doing away with the tropes that have plagued the millennial online dating scene. Read on to find out Read More