How to Behave at a Business Lunch

Business man acts properly at a business lunch.

We all want to look professional in the eyes of our corporate superiors — that’s the dream. But it’s hard to save face sometimes, especially when it comes to functions that exist outside the office. So, how are you supposed to act when say, a boss invites you out for a business lunch? Your immediate Read More

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How to Date a Co-Worker

Dating is a fucking nightmare. Once you finish school, you’re opportunities for interacting with the opposite sex are few and far between (unless you feel like using those god awful dating apps). So where the hell do you find a woman (or man) to go out with you? What’s the one place you go every Read More

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How to Poop at Work

We all know it’s embarrassing. Getting up to take a poop at work? It’s like a walk of shame you have to do every god damn day. It’s a particularly touchy subject when you’re a power shitter like me. Some people with weak assholes just don’t understand what it’s like to take a shit that Read More

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